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Here you find:

  • The staff of the English Department Neufeld
  • General information on Grundlagenfach and Schwerpunktfach
  • Information on the CPE courses
  • Interesting products from our lessons
  • Examples of successful Matura Papers
  • Favorite books of our staff (to come soon … )
Schwerpunktfach Reise Herbst 2019


  • Berger, Anna (on leave)
  • Berger, Matthias
  • Berger Meister, Katharina
  • Bezzola, Sara
  • Bleuler, Corinne
  • Dick, Stefan
  • Egger, Eva
  • Eyer, Monica
  • Gammeter, Lobsang
  • Hofer, Sarah
  • Levinsen, Oystein
  • Lüthi, Sibylle
  • Märki, Marc
  • Münstermann, Dieter
  • Neff-Bryner, Evelyne
  • Rodriguez, Eva Maria
  • Roth, Gabriel
  • Schuling, Jurre
  • Straub, Barbara (Head of department)
  • Zimmermann, Urs

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General Information on Grundlagenfach

If you choose English as your third language

  • You will be speaking English with both your teacher and your colleagues so as to have the best opportunity to practise your language and become spontaneous and fluent in it.
  • You will familiarise yourself with and learn to master the particularities of English grammar, syntax and vocabulary.
  • You will be listening to the news and to podcasts and you will be watching movies. English has boundless opportunities for interesting input.
  • You will be focusing on literature, starting with young adult fiction and moving on to classics.
  • You will learn to express your ideas and opinions both in spoken and written English and will thus advance to be a confident and articulate user of English in both your studies and any other area of your life after matura.

If you choose English as a SF you will want more:

You want to explore English …

  • in its subtleties and particularities as a native language (beside its function and functionality as a vehicle for international communication)
  • in its different tones, accents and features in the different countries and cultures where it is spoken as a mother tongue or first language
  • in its similarities with and differences from related languages (French and Latin in particular)
  • in how it has grown and changed over time, how it reflects its historical context and reveals itself in the literature of different periods
  • in how different cultures use it to express themselves in literature and other forms of communication like songs, political speeches, captions a.o.

…and you want to apply this knowledge and use English to express yourself in different projects (poems, dramatisations, essays, movie trailers, acting, interviews, Vlogs, podcasts, discussion-rounds, and much – much more!

A week in London with Schwerpunktfach (2019)

We were lucky enough to spend a carefree week in London.
The visit of The Globe Theater, the walking-tour in the financial district and the day-trip to Brighton were the obvious highlights.

Cambridge Courses at Neufeld

For the last twenty years, the Gymnasium Neufeld has been preparing a group of students for the Cambridge Exam in Proficiency in English (CPE).

It has been running two preparatory elective courses with roughly 12 students each. The classes take place in the second semester Gym 3 and go on through the first semester Gym 4.

Since this elective is both very popular and in high demand, students who want to enrol need to sit an entrance test in order to qualify. 

With regards to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR), the CPE is a level C2 exam, which means it is the highest exam anyone can take.

For further information on the Cambridge Exam in Proficiency in English, please visit the following website:

For further information  on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR), please visit the following website:

Should you have any further questions, please contact Ms K. Berger or Mr U. Zimmermann who teach the respective classes.

Interesting products from our lessons

Project on M. Shelley’s „Frankenstein“

Romeo and Juliette – in the Pandemic

Romeo and Juliette - 
in the Pandemic
Two lovely households in fair Verona
During the pandemic of Corona.
Mantua is the place it started at
After some guy ate a bat.

These times lead you to your tomb
You can only meet via Zoom.
So instead of visiting Friar in his cell
Nowadays Romeo’s going through hell.
He cannot have a list of party guests,
So he only invites Juliet due to her humongous breasts.
Juliet arrives, wearing a mask,
She now needs to climb his tower - an impossible task
Out of his window, Romeo drops a rope
And Juliet experiences a surge of hope.
While climbing up, she hears the clash of swords
Caused by Romeo’s neighbors, the noble lords
It is one of Capulet’s parties
Where they share colorful smarties.
After passing the balcony of her room
Romeo can finally smell her perfume
She gifts Romeo a shiny ring,
Which makes both crave to sing
She wants to sing “Let it go”, the song from Frozen,
Romeo is so disappointed, he decides to give her poison.
Overwhelmed by his immense emotion,
He mistakes the flasks and chooses sleeping potion
As his emotions increase
He locks her up with Lady Capulet’s keys
In the room, she notices some torches
Which she uses to light the room –
how gorgeous.
She finds Friar’s letter to Romeo,
which tells him to send her home - yo.
This makes her feel sad
Romeo outside is going mad
He walks around and staggers,
tumbling and falling into some very
conveniently placed daggers
Taking his last breath
Romeo experiences a painful death.
This is the story of fair Verona,
Where people die, but not of Corona
Two households from noble stand,
Fighting with swords, daggers,
And torches in their hands.
In Verona the calamity occurs,
but to Mantua it transfers,
At the gathering of the house of Capulet,
However, the list of guests was not accurate.
A foe of the hostile family,
With a rope over his shoulder,
Had access over Juliet's balcony,
With the intention to hold her.
The search continued in Friar's cell,
Which he entered with Lady Capulet's keys,
He suddenly felt unwell,
Because he had cardiovascular disease.
On the floor he found Juliet's ring,
Which has belonged to a king,
Next to it was Juliet,
But because of the sleeping potion,
She did no motion.
Without to ask Romeo removed his mask,
And drank a bit of water out of his flask,
Unfortunately, it was filled with poison,
Which was made out of elodoisin.
He died this moment in this room,
In his left hand was Friar's letter,
Here, Romeo found his tomb,
However, maybe it was for the better.

Good examples of Matura Papers